What did I do today?

Why, I became a perminant resident of Sweden, that's what I did! After my two year cohabitation visa expired I had to reapply and then wait for an appointment to be interviewed (as well as pay 1,500kr [218 dollars]). Today we had the interview, Phong and I were questioned seperately to make sure our relationship was legit. The guy in charge of my case was really nice and I was approved!

I don't have much else to say at this moment. They will be sending me a swanky residency card (instead of a sticker in my passport as has been done in the past). I'm assuming the change to a card rather than a sticker is why it cost so much for me to file... although I don't think that would have been refunded if I wasn't accepted. But, I am so overjoyed at my residency that I shant complain and no matter how bad the picture, I intend to squeel with delight when the card arrives.