Deviled Eggs!

I don't know why they're called that but they're pretty basic at most american potlucks (and in my family, holidays or whenever someone gets the craving for them). They're really easy. Just hardboiled eggs, cooled, peeled, and then cut in half. Dump the yokes into a bowl and set out the empty halves. Then mix up the cooked yokes with mayonaise, mustard, and a little pepper.

Fork the yoke mixture into the eggs and then set them out on a tray. It's best to refrigerate them for a while after, but that's more of a preference.

Of course I use american mayonaise and mustard. The mayo I find at Ica Maxi and the mustard I've only been able to find at Coop.

Recycled Clothing!

So I decided to try fixing some of my less functioning clothing. The dress is one that I really like, I dragged it across the globe, but the neck was way too low for me so I was always trying to figure out how to wear something over or under it. The wrap is sort of a reject in my closet since I've never worn it and it's spent most of it's life with me on the floor of my closet burried beneath other things.

I spent a while just staring at the two until I starting pinning and from there cutting and sewing. It's not perfect but at least I can wear it now and I think it's a fabulous start to my "clothing recycling" adventures!

The lovely first photo, much much better than my following two, was taken by the fabulous LinnLinn.

Tomorrow Phong and I are having a 'Thriftstore shopping/pasta dinner' date, so hopefully I'll find some more things to play with.

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Little Laptop Pillow

I made a little pocket pillow for my mini laptop so that it can feel a bit more safe when traveling. I measured the length and then around the width. It was pretty much a double sided rectangle with padding inside, after binding one of the long sides I folded it in half and sewed the other two edges shut... then fliped rightside out and hoped that there was no fluff peeking out. I've made one before for my iRiver, but on this one I used two layers of batting...guess which electronic device I worry about more?

my first shirt!

I recently decided that I wanted to take up sewing (my mother is a wonderfully gifted quilter and sewing) and my darling boyfriend gifted me with a machine over christmas and then asked me to make him a shirt with only his brilliant idea and the dismantled t-shirt that he cut out for the general shape. Mind you, I have never made any -ANY- article of clothing before. And yet, kahbam! a shirt was born. I kind of just figured out how to do the collar and sleeves on my own, luckily it worked out pretty well. The button design he thought of (with the overlapping collar pieces) was a bit tricky. There are a lot of things I've learned that I'll be doing differently next time but all and all I think I'm pretty proud of it.

LinnLinn took the photos for me and I couldn't be happier with them!

To Begin Press 'Start'

It seems polite to begin with introductions. My name is Cheryl. I moved to Umeå in September of 2009 from California. Where I grew up in California it only ever snowed one day every three years... so you can imagine that there was a bit of a shock when I had my first Umeå winter. It's been more than a year since then and I absolutely love this city. I suppose a lot of this blog will be about Umeå and what it's been like being a foreigner. I'm learning Swedish and I do have enough of the language that I can get by in conversations, read, and understand- so if anyone ever has the whim to comment please feel free to use either language. Hopefully I'll eventually get up the courage to post in Swedish myself.

More to come soon! I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/or night!