my first shirt!

I recently decided that I wanted to take up sewing (my mother is a wonderfully gifted quilter and sewing) and my darling boyfriend gifted me with a machine over christmas and then asked me to make him a shirt with only his brilliant idea and the dismantled t-shirt that he cut out for the general shape. Mind you, I have never made any -ANY- article of clothing before. And yet, kahbam! a shirt was born. I kind of just figured out how to do the collar and sleeves on my own, luckily it worked out pretty well. The button design he thought of (with the overlapping collar pieces) was a bit tricky. There are a lot of things I've learned that I'll be doing differently next time but all and all I think I'm pretty proud of it.

LinnLinn took the photos for me and I couldn't be happier with them!

Posted by: Linn

It ineede turned out really neat! Especially for being your first item of clothing ever! Very well done Cheryl! :D

And I finally got my design fixed :) Had to change computer to do the last part. So now the header is there too :D

I'm looking forward to more updates from you ^^

2011-03-20 @ 19:30:32
Posted by: Linn

Oh thank you Cheryl! <3

You should uplaod photo's of yours too! :D

Jag gillar din kategori ^_^ Sy!

2011-03-21 @ 22:49:24
Posted by: Victoria

Jag hoppas att du fortsätter med att skriva nya inlägg till din sida - den har verkligen potential :)!

2011-07-12 @ 21:43:13
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