Recycled Clothing!

So I decided to try fixing some of my less functioning clothing. The dress is one that I really like, I dragged it across the globe, but the neck was way too low for me so I was always trying to figure out how to wear something over or under it. The wrap is sort of a reject in my closet since I've never worn it and it's spent most of it's life with me on the floor of my closet burried beneath other things.

I spent a while just staring at the two until I starting pinning and from there cutting and sewing. It's not perfect but at least I can wear it now and I think it's a fabulous start to my "clothing recycling" adventures!

The lovely first photo, much much better than my following two, was taken by the fabulous LinnLinn.

Tomorrow Phong and I are having a 'Thriftstore shopping/pasta dinner' date, so hopefully I'll find some more things to play with.

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Posted by: Cassie

Darn. That us some cuteness.

2011-06-02 @ 19:17:48

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