Graffiti in Umeå

The cute kind of graffiti of course, not the boring and confusing kind. Like the random 'fuck the polis' I see randomly written on buildings. What police? I almost never see any police in Umeå- not that they don't do their jobs, just that there's that little crime. I blame the desire to rebel against ficticious police and the use of the word 'fuck' on uncreative teens.

But forget them! I've noticed a number of rather cute and creative graffiti's in town that deserve their wall space!

I've seen these on another bridge as well. For those that don't live in Sweden, mosquitoes are just about the only bug around (at least up north) and they are incredibly irritating and large. Seriously large. And they hang out in swarms (is 'swarm' the correct term for mosquitoes?) it looks like a cloud that every so often you have the misfortune of walking through... and then they chase you.

The thumb prints! It's like a giant showed up in the night with smutsy fingers and started poking the buildings. I haven't counted these but every so often I find myself noticing a new one.

Lastly for today, the winged box creature. I see him often on my way into Haga so I thought I'd add him to the list- because good graffiti should be rewarded.

There was also, my favorite, a giant carrot but it was sadly painted over just this last week. Linn has an old picture of it that I'll be getting from her, because it too should be immortalized- especially since it was the first.

More to come!

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Posted by: Katie

I LOVE the fingerprint one. It's really kind of amazing.

2011-04-21 @ 17:54:13
Posted by: Ash

The winged box could be a portal videogame reference...

2011-06-20 @ 09:43:51
Posted by: thomas sabo

It doesn't even necessarily have to be something of value! The very act of giving somebody a gift will trigger that hard-wired response in our brains that says that we NEED to return the favor.

2011-07-04 @ 11:17:51
Posted by: Pandora Charm

I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

2011-07-06 @ 07:29:45
Posted by: Evelina

Jag tycker att du har en riktigt nice sida! Har du ork så slå även ett öga på min :D.

2011-07-11 @ 00:59:13
Posted by: PatrickKn

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