Home cut hair!

I think that it's alarmingly expensive to get your hair cut in sweden. At least 500 sek (about 80 dollars) just for a cut that more than often in my experience hasn't been that great. Whereas in the States I was getting my hair cut for 25 dollars (with tip) and it was great! So after going on hair cutting strike for more than half a year, I finally craked. Craked open with an awesome idea! I got my boyfriend to cut my hair for me (mind you he's particularly hair and style savvy so he was no bad choice) and it worked! I have stumbled upon something brilliant.

I'm going to go on an internet shopping hunt for those neat razor scissors and hair cutting books! Imagine all of the money to be saved and spent on plants and fabric and art supplies and yummy indian food! And someday when I have kids, if I can cut there hair too!? Thousands and thousands of kronor!

Check out the first hair cut-

Posted by: Katie

You are so adorable. I love it.

P.S. It's less than $80 for me to get a cut and weave. That's insanity.

2011-05-03 @ 23:30:31
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Posted by: cheryl

Oh! That is insane! But lucky for you. I asked about how much it might cost to perm my hair and they estimated around 250-300 dollors (but in kronor of course). That was last year though, who knows what it costs now.

2011-05-05 @ 09:40:01
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