I made a skirt!

So many firsts have been concurred with this project! My first skirt, first garment for myself, first pockets, first zipper, and probably something else I'm forgetting at the moment. I'm rather proud of it. Again, I didn't use a pattern or follow the wise advice of several accomplished and wonderful sewers- which was to use an old sheet or cheap fabric and try it on those first. I would have, but I had neither and I wanted to sew last night. Luckily it worked out!

It wasn't what I intended when I started out, but I'm really proud of it nonetheless. I guess the fabric knew what it wanted to be.

The skirt is a bubble (ballong for the sweds I think) the end is sewen to another fabric inside and creates kind a pillowcase effect that I really like. The inside is purple by the way.

Posted by: Linn

Lovely skirt Cheryl! It's quite awesome really that you made it without a pattern! ^__^

I'll try to upload more pictures :)

2011-04-12 @ 10:34:25
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